09 November 2007


ARCHITECTURAL INQUIRIES. THEORIES, METHODS AND STRATEGIES IN CONTEMPORARY NORDIC ARCHITECTURAL RESEARCH /Teorier, metoder och strategier i nutida nordisk arkitekturforskning/ NORDIC-BALTIC CONFERENCE April 24-26, 2008, in Göteborg, Sweden, arranged by The Nordic Association of Architectural Research, The Nordic Architectural Academy, The Swedish Research Council Formas, The Association of Swedish Architects and Chalmers Architecture. Architectural research, including landscape architecture, urban design & development and interior architecture, is an expanding field with high relevance for urgent issues in contemporary society and environment. We invite Nordic and Baltic architectural researchers and PhD-students to discuss theories, methods and strategies in contemporary architectural research through the six interconnecting themes listed below. Conference language will be English as well as Nordic languages. CALL FOR ABSTRACTS, maximum 300 words, on the following themes: 1. Lack of theory or new theoretical frameworks 2. History and historiography: Is there a Nordic architectural research? 3. Practice relevance versus peer-review publications 4. Integrating design-based methodology 5. New technologies: impact on research problems and methodology 6. Urban research between social sciences and design. Deadline for abstracts: 10 December 2007 Conference e-mail: a-inquiries@chalmers.se Conference website: in progress. Links: www.arkitekturforskning.net or www.chalmers.se/arch/SV Questions: dyrssen@chalmers.se, caldenby@chalmers.se, fredrik@chalmers.se, lena@arch.kth.se Arranged by: Department of Architecture, Chalmers University of Technology, SE-412 96 Göteborg