10 May 2007

Learning from Experience

Required reading for forthcoming workshop on practice-based research:

"Learning from Experience: approaches to the experiential component of
practice-based research" by Michael A R Biggs

Available here:


09 May 2007

Rhetoric resources

Virtual Salt: A Handbook of Rhetorical Devices

Rhetoric and composition

Silva rhetoricae

Course reading list

Reading list:

i) Highly recommended
Hill, Jonathan & Rendell, Jane Critical Architecture (London: Routledge, 2007)
Laurel, Brenda (ed.): Design Research: Methods and Perspectives (Massachusetts: MIT Press, 2003)
Nelson, Robert S. and Shiff, Richard (eds.) Critical Terms for Art History, Second Edition (1996, 2003).
Sullivan, Graeme: Art Practice as Research. Inquiry in the Visual Arts. London: Sage, 2005
Wittgenstein, Ludwig: Philosophical Investigations tr. by G. E. M. Anscombe (Oxford: Blackwell, 1995)
Zwicky, Jan Wisdom and Metaphor (Kentville: Gaspereau Press, 2003)

Web resources:
Course blogs:
Art and Design Research Methodologies: http://adrm.blogspot.com/
The End of Me (useful for discussions on ‘originality’): http://endofmeblog.blogspot.com/
Experience Design: http://www.interdisciplinaryresearch.blogspot.com/
Experience Design: www.designtime.se

Centre for Research into Practice (Faculty of Art and Design , University of Hertfordshire , UK):
AKAD (Academy for Practice-Based Research in Architecture and Design): http://www.akad.se/

ii) Recommended
Butler, Judith, ‘Giving an account of oneself’, Diacritics, Winter 2001, 31, 4, 22-40.
Diderot, Denis: Rameau’s Nephew (Harmondsworth: Penguin Books)
Dolar, Mladen: A Voice and Nothing More (Cambridge, Massachusetts & London, UK: MIT Press, 2006).
Frayling, Christopher. Research in art and design. Royal College of Art Research Papers. Vol.1. No.1. London: Royal College of Art, 1993.
Grillner, Katja et al (eds) 01.AKAD - Experimental research in architecture and design – Beginnings. (Stockholm: AKAD/AXL Books, 2005).
Göranzon, Bo, Hammarén, Maria and Ennals, Richard (eds) Dialogue, Skill and Tacit Knowledge (Chichester: John Wiley and Sons, 2006)
Hughes, Francesca (ed.) The Architect Reconstructing Her Practice (Massachusetts: MIT Press, 1998)
Hughes, Rolf and Monk, Jon (eds). Hybrid Thought (Milton Keynes: Department of Telematics, Faculty of Technology, Open University, 2003)
Klein, Julie Thompson Interdisciplinarity: History, Theory, Practice (Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 1990).
Lakoff, George and Johnson, Mark Metaphors We Live By (London and Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1980).
Lyotard, Jean-Francois: The Postmodern Condition: a Report of Knowledge. Minneapolis 1993.
Margolin, Victor (ed.) Design Discourse: History, Theory, Criticism (Chicago & London: University of Chicago Press, 1989).
Nordenstam, Tore Exemplets makt (Stockholm: Dialoger, 2005). In Swedish only.
Schön, Donald The Reflective Practitioner (NY: Basic Books, 1983)
Tillberg, Peter (ed): Dialoger: om yrkeskunnande och teknologi (Stockholm: Dialoger, 2002). In Swedish only.
Wilde, Oscar: The Critic as Artist (Harmondsworth: Penguin Books, 2006)
Wittgenstein, Ludwig: On Certainty tr. by G. E. M. Anscombe (Oxford: Blackwell, 1979).
Zwicky, Jan Wisdom and Metaphor (Kentville: Gaspereau Press, 2003)