04 May 2009

Fleshspirit - Theorizing Art or Artifying Theory.

Lecture by Andreas Nobel at Midsommargården, May 8th, 1-3 pm.

Konstfack, Stockholm.

Friday May 8, 13-15 AT MIDSOMMARGÅRDEN (at Telefonplan) Lecture: Fleshspirit - Theorizing art or artifying theory Reflections on relationships between theory and practise Lecturer: Andreas Nobel, Ph.D. candidate, Konstfack The lecture will be an introduction to my research starting with a presentation of my educational and professional background. After this follows an introduction to the subject of my research: The relationship between theory and practise in a craft-based design process. I will then present one example of my research method (so far), which involves a deliberate mix-up between theory and practise. While reasoning about these issues the inevitable question is: Why artistic research? One way of treating this question is to formulate in what ways artistic research differs from other fields of research as well as from art and design itself. The fairly new field of artistic research can be justified only if we think that it can provide new and other kind of knowledge and/ or experience than the established scientific traditions and the contemporary art scene can provide. Andreas Nobel is an interior designer. He teaches at BI, konstfack. He is a former member of Uglycute and the former chief editor of RUM, a magazine for architecture, interior and design.