05 February 2009


CALL FOR PARTICIPATION (International Association of Societies of Design Research 2009): RIGOR AND RELEVANCE IN DESIGN, 19-22 October 2009, IASDR 2009, Seoul, South Korea. This is a large, international design research conference with an intensive and high quality program. This venue will bring together top design researchers and practitioners to build and advance knowledge in the field of Design. We encourage your enthusiastic participation for this exciting opportunity. Design has been evolved into a unique but highly influencing discipline in this rapidly changing society. But it has also struggled to find its own rigor and relevance as a disciplined field as its own. In this conference, we invite various perspectives and research outcomes that may address the issues of establishing our own rigor and relevance of design research and practice in the field of Design, as well as discussions and research activities related to all the important design subjects as follows: 1. Design Theory and Methodology; 2. Design Philosophy, Ethics, Values, and Issues; 3. Design Education; 4. Design Management and Strategy; 5. Sustainability, Culture, History, and Society in Design; 6. Human Behaviors, Perception, and Emotion; 7. Semantics, Aesthetics and Experience in Design; 8. Interaction and Interface Design; 9. Design Tools and New Media; 10. Universal Design/Inclusive Design; 11. Design Creativity; 12. Design Project Cases. -- Abstract deadline: February 28, 2009. More information: