02 March 2008

The Futures of Space Exploration

LESS REMOTE, The Futures of Space Exploration An Arts & Humanities Symposium at the International Astronautical Congress, Glasgow 2008, 30 September - 1 October 2008. Abstract Submission Deadline: 11 March 2008 (approx. 300 words and short bio). This symposium will offer a forum in which specialists from many disciplines will be invited to consider the future of space exploration in the context of our current understanding of social, economic and technological imperatives. One of the aims of the symposium is to foster a dialogue and exchange between the cultural and space communities. Speakers from the arts & humanities and space science & engineering communities will present keynote lectures on space exploration and its possible futures. Papers are also invited from the broad constituency of interest among artists, cultural analysts and historians that has examined the wider implications of the scientific exploration of space for the better part of a century. More information: