07 January 2008


The symposium Architecture and Authorship is a follow-up event to the book published in June 2007 by Black Dog Publishing. It explores issues of authorship, attribution and intellectual property in architecture, and examines how individual architects and movements, from the fifteenth century onwards, have endeavoured to maintain their status by defending what they see as their own unique territory, the origins and intentions of their work, and their signature style. The event is organised by the editors of the book. The symposium will be structured in accordance with the sections of the book - mapping a 'force field' in which issues of authorship in architecture are played out. The contributors to each section in the book are listed below:
Affirmation: Tim Anstey, Caroline Dionne, Carola Ebert, Naomi Stead
Dislocation: Katja Grillner, Charles Rice, Jonathan Hill
Translation: Louise Pelletier, Wallis Miller, Renée Tobe, Penelope Haralambidou
Dissolution: Rolf Hughes, Stanley Mathews, Gernot Weckherlin, Sean Keller, Hélène Lipstadt
This event is organized by the KTH School of Architecture and the Built Environment, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, through Katja Grillner, Tim Anstey, and Rolf Hughes
Contact and registration: Katja Grillner, Associate professor,
Venue: KTH Main Library, Osquars backe 31, Stockholm.
Program info: www.auctor.se Please register before January 15