07 November 2006

Design Inquiries

Nordic Design Research (NORDES) Call For Papers!
Deadline for submissions: 1 February 2007

Design Inquiries

How can we understand the impact of design for people, companies and society?
How can we provide design practice with appropriate and inspiring knowledge?
How can we use critical design thinking to create new possibilities for the future?

The Nordic Design Research Conference 2007, Design Inquiries, invites contributions that present new critical, empirical and constructive knowledge about design processes and artefacts in use.

Design is understood as a family of practices creating new products, systems and environments. The family resemblance is based on the skilful handling of complex demands, restrictions and technologies to fit different cultural contexts by use of intuitive and heuristic methods as stepping-stones to innovative solutions.

The conference welcomes contributions from different kinds of inquiries as both papers and project presentations. The range includes, but is not restricted to:

Inquiries about Design - studies of design processes, artefacts and design as phenomena utilizing theories and methods from disciplines such as Sociology, History, Philosophy and Management.
Inquiries for Design - studies from within design for a more profound theoretical understanding of the processes, a better integration of different kinds of knowledge, more sophisticated evaluation methods and improved artistic means.
Inquiries by Design - studies that use design thinking and critical and creative methods to explore and develop potentials and possibilities in real-life situations to enhance considerations about the future.

Design Inquiries